100 Sustainable Developers: Results of the Support Tours to Hotels.

Escazu, Costa Rica. February 28, 2011.

At the end of the first six weeks since we started touring to implement our Support Services for the Achievement, Maintenance and Improvement of the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST), we can say that the results are highly satisfactory, for our firm as much as for our clients.

Since early 2011, when we launched our new product line, we have been greeted with great enthusiasm by the market of Sustainable Tourism; especially for those who wished to start their CST process, and those hoteliers who have faced problems to implement it successfully, or to maintain their level of Certification.

Thanks to this support, we had the opportunity to visit almost all regions of importance for those who operate in the market for Sustainable Tourism. In our conversations with hoteliers we have noticed some aspects that are worth sharing:

  • It seems to be ingrained in the minds of hoteliers that to be sustainable, and achieve a CST Certification, they must make large capital investments; which in fact is not true. Through our CST Assessment we have proven that it is possible to obtain high levels of sustainability without large investments. There are many areas that can improve the sustainability of a hotel without resorting to high investments; it is only necessary to know where and how to make appropriate and effective changes in hospitality practices. Thanks to this approach, none of our current clients will require heavy investments in order to get to meet their CST goals.
  • We have also observed that many hoteliers feel that their sustainability practices are few or very poor, when the reality is otherwise. This is largely because many, especially those that implement sustainability practices by conviction, tend to believe that their efforts will not be recognized. What actually happens is that few hotels have documented their sustainability practices. We have found hotels that should be able to obtain high CST levels, but when we perform the CST Assessment, their initial rating is low due to lack of appropriate documentation. Fortunately, a process tailored to their needs will allow them to make sure their current practices become permanent, and part of the culture of the organization, as desired by ICT; and thereby obtain the CST Levels they deserve.
  • We were delighted to meet with hotel owners who really believe in sustainable development, an attitude we share. Certainly many are afraid to go through the process of CST, which they consider an imposition, or even do not understand the benefits of the Certification. The reality is that far from being an imposition, the CST is a tool that allows hoteliers to make sure that their legacy of sustainability will remain in force, and that their hotel will get the most benefit out of its practices and image of sustainability; which in turn will contribute to make the hotel be economically sustainable in the long term.

We remind you that 100 Sustainable Developers has decided to extend the deadline for the hoteliers that wish to take advantage of the introductory offer of this new product line. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of all the hotels in their efforts to apply, obtain and maintain the Certification for Sustainable Tourism of ICT.

Thus, all the hotels that hire and confirm the date of execution of its Dictamen CST (Assessment) before March 31, 2011, will receive the service at a nominal cost of US$ 200.00, plus travel expenses. After this promotion, the Dictamen CST will be offered at its market value.

We appreciate the trust of all those hotels that already have retained our services; your satisfaction and the achieving your sustainability goals are our focus.

Those interested in obtaining more information about our Support Services for the Achievement, Maintenance and Improvement of the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST) of ICT, please contact:

Mr. Javier Segura

Sustainable Tourism Manager 100SD


Tel 2228-9696

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