Breezy Bamboo Community for India Pays Homage to Local Culture

Intended for Chennai, India, this sustainable housing proposal gives more than a passing nod to the cultural context in which it will be built. Not only does Triple O Studio pay detailed attention to the social behavior of the people who will live in these interlinking bamboo homes, but they have also designed to ensure use of local skill sets and materials in order to create jobs and keep construction costs to a minimum. Conceived as part of the Design Against the Elements challenge to come up with sustainable housing for less developed areas of the world, the bamboo community also features wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting.

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Great emphasis is put on shared spaces for a community that is accustomed to a vibrant street life. Areas that might be devoted to individual terracing (in a western context) are designed instead to maximize community and sharing. One of the most sustainable building materials on earth, bamboo features prominently alongside other locally-sourced materials. These will be put together by locals using traditional techniques that are sensitive to their own needs.

Outside of the housing units are a large multi-purpose hall, a play school, and various parks and grounds that serve the dual purpose of connecting the community to each other and to their natural surroundings.

Finally, to make the most of what nature has to offer, rainwater will be harvested to ensure a year-round supply, and both black and grey water will be treated for re-use. These services have been strategically placed to minimize in-fill or excavation.


Autor: Tafline Laylin

Fecha: 30/03/11

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