What is a Sustainable Lifestyle?

In theory, we are all already trying to live a “sustainable” lifestyle. We take into account our financial resources and we live our lives accordingly. It would be foolish to spend all the rent money playing slots in Vegas or blow the grocery bill on a new flat-screen TV. So we hold ourselves in check in order to assure that we have today and prepare for tomorrow our basic needs: food, shelter, and employment.

However, a truly sustainable lifestyle is more than just the bottom line of your bank account. Money is not the only resource you have and depend upon.In our modern world of convenience where consumer goods are purchased online by one click of a computer button, we often forget what it really takes to create goods.We overlook the fact that these products are manufactured from a limited supply of resources.

In the past few years, the resource of oil has come into stark view. Everyone is feeling the crunch of rising oil prices.We are witnessing the Domino Theory in its purest form. Rising oil pricing are pushing raw material costs through the roof. The next “domino” to fall may be food or water.

Although we can’t do much about locating more oil or finding a cheaper and reliable alternative energy source as individuals, we can however conserve and reduce the usage of what we do have. And that is simply what a sustainable lifestyle is. It’s about the choices we make today in preparation for tomorrow.

Choosing to buy products made from renewable and biodegradable materials means that fewer raw materials need to be used in the future. Purchasing produce grown from local farmers reduces the amount of gas needed to transport them to distant markets. Deciding to carpool to work means less gas is consumed and less pollution is emitted.

Like our money, we must manage and conserve all the resources we have now in order to assure there is enough for tomorrow.

For more information about sustainability, visit the United Nations Foundation website: http://www.unfoundation.org/global-issues/sustainable-development/

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Source / Fuente: http://www.livegoodinc.com

Author / Autor: Staff

Date / Fecha: 10/06/11

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