Is the construction industry starting to understand green roofs?

A new green roof project in Florida incorporates so many permaculture principles we had to check twice to make sure we hadn’t drawn up the plans…!

The Florida green roof installation (

Hard to ignore this story that’s just come to our attention. In essence, it’s all about a roof garden project in Jacksonville, Florida in the USA. Not only is it a fantastic example of a green roof but it also illustrates how integrated in terms of species, wildlife, community and business, these kind of innovations are becoming.

The 1,400 sq.ft living roof belongs to Breaking Ground Contracting. It is the first green roof in Florida to incorporate native plants and a permaculture food and herb garden. That’s right, a commercial exercise which freely embraces permaculture!

The roof aims to support wildlife biodiversity, afford economic development, offer educational opportunities and provide a healthy, organic food alternative in an urban environment.

The building has also reused material from the demolition of the original building – that’s a permaculture cycle for sure – and, importantly it also incorporates technologies such as a photovoltaic solar system, low- and no-VOC interior paints as well as other cutting edge technologies.

The integrated design of this building, the joining together of designers, growers, sustainable business and local authorities is inspirational stuff, and one that our readers are very familiar with. In Permaculture magazine issue 57 we covered the building of ‘One Brighton’ in the UK, a similar integrated build-and-design which also incorporates a green roof. An increasing number of London boroughs have also encouraged green roof schemes and surprisingly some have even found their way onto mainstream TV – here are the BBC’s top 5 tips for would-be greenroofers.

Do you live in a flat, apartment or work at a space which has embraced a green roof? What technologies are you using? We’d love to hear from you and the companies offering these solutions. Oh, and look out for a reader letter in the forthcoming issue of Permaculture magazine (issue 69 – on sale 18th July) about using Sepp Holzer-style vertical growing spaces…

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