Edible landscaping part of ‘Permaculture’ program

When it comes to landscaping, Christopher-Robin Healy looks to the future.

Healy, who works with Clearlight Permaculture Design and Cloudburst Cultivated Ecology, will speak on Permaculture at 6:30 p.m. July 20 at Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls.

Topics in the presentation will include forest gardening, edible landscaping, bioshelters and other tools for a sustainable future.

According to Healy, Permaculture is an environmental design science that combines human needs and wants with the natural ecology found in a specific place. The design works with conditions such as climate, land contour, soil type, geology, energy, water flow, solar aspect, seasonal wind direction, existing plants and animals, structures and site history to create » Cultivated Ecology Systems» that provide food, water, shelter, energy income, community, beauty, spiritual fulfillment and other needs for people and wildlife.

Unlike standard design, focusing on ornamental beauty, and relying on chemical and fossil fuel inputs, Permaculture is a holistic approach, The systems are always based on sustainable agriculture techniques with energy supplied by appropriate technologies as primary sources.

Healy is a native of the Glens Falls area and has been practicing Permaculture for 24 years. He took his Permaculture Design Course at Genesis Farm in Blairstown in 1986 and received his Permaculture Design Certificate from Dan Hemenway of Barking Frogs/Elfin Permaculture. Since 1989, he has taught workshops and done design work in the Lake George area, and he taught the first Permaculture Design Course in New York City in 2007.

Source / Fuente: poststar.com

Author / Autor: Staff

 Date / Fecha: 13/07/11

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