Eco villages – community minded living

An eco village is an international community created by like-minded individuals working towards a sustainable and community based future. Residents of an eco village often times may share a common energy source, water works and more importantly their lives, dreams and visions. Creating a platform for sustainable living, community and environment stewardship is at the forefront of many residents’ minds.

While all eco villages are not exactly alike in form, many harbour a lot of the same ideals, practices and visions. When do you think of the word eco village you may conjure up images of the peace loving communes of the ’60s and ’70s. Many of these international communities can in fact trace their roots back a few decades but thousands of new ones are springing up all around the world. In fact, in the USA alone there are several hundred existing and thriving eco villages and it has become a movement unto its own. In these times of a depressed economy, climate changes, and loss of community, eco villages maybe the answer to those seeking something different from regular home ownership or apartment dwelling.

An eco village can consist of a few dozen people to several hundred living together on a designed piece of land. Many eco villages revolve specific work goals, business, healing arts or even teaching centres.

They are as diverse as the people that create them.

The goals of each individual village are determined by its residents but it is a common rule of thinking that each resident makes up part of a whole.

Some eco villages revolve around specific spiritual beliefs but many more are open to diversity as far as religion goes. Eco villages are not a haven for cult, although they can sometimes be misconstrued as such when religious beliefs are involved. They however bring people from many cultural paths together to live, work and play in unity.

Residents of many eco villages are involved in small scale agriculture, home steading, environmental causes and permaculture practices. Respect is the basis formative foundation of most eco villages; respect for one another as people, respect for the community and respect for planet earth.

Contrary to popular belief eco villages are not always located in “the middle of nowhere;” many do thrive in the rural areas but the movement is also growing and thriving in the urban and suburban areas.

Because an eco village involves a more communal type living arrangement, there may be some concerns about loss of privacy but autonomy is respected and encouraged in many eco villages as well. The people who populate eco villages can be very diverse, in age, race, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds and so on. From single folks to partnered couples or families from many different walks of life, they can work together to live in harmony with one another and their communities.

Why would someone choose to live in an eco village when we have always been told that everyone dreams of owning a single family home? For most folks, it comes down to being economically, socially and environmentally responsible. It also just make good sense to share duties, land and financial obligations for many. For others it’s just simply a way of life.

Sharon Wilson is the manager/founder of Earth Scents handmade soaps and candles. Please send comments queries to earthscentscaribbean@

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Author / Autor: Sharon Wilson

 Date / Fecha: 14/07/11

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