Ecological swimming pool opens near Lannemezan, Hautes-Pyrenees

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Eco swimming pond opens at Nestier, Hautes-Pyrenees

Swimming ponds are becoming very popular in Europe and a new one has just been opened at Nestier in the Hautes-Pyrenees.

A swimming pond or natural swimming pool does not use chemicals to maintain the water condition, but instead a bio filter of reeds and other plants.  Other “natural” features such as waterfalls are included in the design to make the pond appear as natural as possible.

The waterfall also aids the water quality by aerating the water, while a pump keeps the water circulating.  The method produces crystal clear water that will pass even the toughest of water standards, including drinking water.

Once the planting on the site is completed and has had a chance to get established, it will be a nice area to come for a stroll, even if you do not want to go swimming.

What was once an old gravel pit, has been transformed into something useful.

The video below is not of the Nestier pond but a more established natural swimming pool to show how Nestier may look in the future.

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Author / Autor: Staff

 Date / Fecha: 06/07/11

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