Eco Week 2011 propone el turismo sostenible

Eco Week Costa Rica 2011. CRH/EWEco Week Costa Rica 2011. CRH/EW

Con el propósito de promover el ecoturismo sostenible en el país, el Eco Group Costa Rica organizó una semana de actividades en todo el país denominado Eco Week Costa Rica 2011, del 12 al 19 de agosto, en cual se cataloga como un evento Carbono Neutral. Sigue leyendo

AEG Gives Big Boost to Green Sports Alliance

The Green Sports Alliance (GSA) has doubled in size with the addition of AEG, the largest operator of arenas and stadiums in the world.

AEG, a subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, owns or is affiliated with companies including over 120 facilities such as STAPLES Center (Los Angeles, CA), Target Center (Minneapolis, MN), Mercedes Benz Arena (Shanghai, China), O2 World arena (Berlin, Germany) and The O2 arena and entertainment district (London, England). Sigue leyendo

Un amigable anfitrión llamado Monteverde

Nueve empresas canalizarán donaciones en obras comunales y ambientales

El Financiero

Unas 209.124 personas visitan Monteverde cada año, según datos del ICT. Mauricio Orias Para EF.

Una pincelada de sol cae justamente en medio de la neblina que rodea y acaricia las montañas verdes… de metro en metro esos mismo cerros se combinan con azul. Fácilmente cree uno que se dirige al cielo. Aunque no sean oficiales los detalles de ese camino, la imaginación confirma que Monteverde reprodujo algunos trayectos. Sigue leyendo

A Pre-Fab Bamboo Bicycle, Grown From The Ground In Bike Shape

The Ajiro–a concept from Australia–would come from the Earth fully formed. Is this the first step for a sustainable manufacturing economy?


Another bamboo bicycle? Yes–but the vehicle devised by Alexander Vittouris departs from the funky, tiki-bar-friendly lines made from this sustainable, globally ubiquitous grass. A design student at Australia’s Monash University, Vittouris envisions a bicycle that isn’t built, but grown–the bamboo stalks of the frame being trained into shape while the plant is growing. Sigue leyendo

Scientists name world’s most important marine conservation hotspots

Study reveals 20 sites that are key to ensuring the survival of marine mammals

A dead California Gulf porpoise, also known as a vaquita (Phocoena sinus)

A dead California Gulf porpoise, also known as a vaquita. Photograph: Reuters

Scientists have identified the 20 most important regions of the world’s oceans and lakes that are key to ensuring the survival of the planet’s marine mammals such as seals and porpoises. Their analysis also shows, however, that most of these areas are already under pressure from human impacts such as pollution and shipping.

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Organization calls for more support for PVC recycling in Europe.

The European PVC industry, through VinylPlus, has released a new set of targets for the sustainable development of PVC plastics through 2020 and has called for European policymakers to help stimulate PVC recycling in Europe.

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