Nissan’s Newly Unveiled Self-Parking Pivo3 EV Could Soon Be Put Into Production

In anticipation of the Tokyo auto show, Nissan has unveiled the latest iteration of its Pivo EV, the Pivo3. Compared to earlier versions, the Pivo3 has ironed out some of its bubbly curves for cleaner angles, giving it a more commercial-friendly look. But this new release isn’t just an idle exercise in concept design. Nissan is considering putting the Pivo into production in just a few short years. As the car has an electric zero emissions drivetrain with in-wheel motors, a super-tight 2-meter turning radius, and smart-phone-controlled automatic valet parking capabilities, we can’t wait to see them hit the road!

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Nissan says it is considering “candidates” for the EV that will follow its LEAF, Infiniti EV, and LCV EV, but there are other contenders, including a compact sports EV. Either way, it looks like Nissan is putting major money where its mouth is for EV development, so we expect whatever becomes its fourth EV to be pretty competent and appealing even to mainstream consumers. Check out our gallery for detailed photos of the upcoming Pivo3.

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