Green-Roofed De Snelbinder Bike Facility Holds 400 Bicycles in The Netherlands

This modern bike parking facility in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands is part of a larger plan to help renew the city center while providing convenient and safe storage for bicycles. Designed byKraaijvanger Urbis with Donald Osborne Architect, De Snelbinder is a two-story building designed to accommodated 400 bicycles. The industrial building is solid and strong while being light and airy – it has a metal screened facade and a huge skylight in its vegetated roof. The green roof also provides a more pleasant landscape for surrounding apartment buildings and improves the permeability of the site.
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Located behind a shopping arcade the bike parking is neatly tucked in and situated next to a public plaza. Neither standing out nor hiding in the shadows, De Snelbinder makes a strong statement – that it is important but not overtly so. The colored, metal screened facade is substantial and solid, yet allows air and light to move around. A large skylight in the roof pulls in extra daylighting into the bike parking shed. The industrial and geometric aesthetic is a reflection of its surroundings solidified in time. White metal accentuates the entrance and brightens up the space as users of the facility enter and exit.

The green roof acts to infiltrate stormwater and to provide a visual garden for those who live in upper apartments nearby. Inside the compact, 425-sq meter volume can accommodate 400 bikes on two levels. Durable and low maintenance materials inside ensure longevity of the facility and make it easier for bikers to utilize. A large staircase in the center facilitates getting bikes up to the second floor. Finally, in addition to bike storage, the facility houses lockers, a changing area, seating area, and a bike repair workshop. The project was completed in September of 2011 for EUR 475,000.

+ Kraaijvanger Urbis

+ Donald Osborne Architect

Via ArchDaily

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Author / Autor: Bridgette Meinhold

Date / Fecha: 30/11/11

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