Honda Unveils Its Futuristic EV-STER Mini Convertible at the Tokyo Auto Show

Honda just unveiled its EV-STER Small Sports Car Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Other than the name, we’re already in love with it. The EV-STER is only 59.1 inches wide, just 4 inches wider than Honda’s Beat mid-engined convertible micro car it created in the ’90s. We love the lines on the EV-STER, and its adaptive suspension that allows you to decide how comfortable or sporty your drive will be (yes, this already exists on large high-end vehicles, but it never makes it to tiny cars like this). But even with the Lamborghini-style convertible roof and the futuristic lighting, the best part about the EV-STER is waiting inside.

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Honda has developed a “Twin Lever Steering” joystick system that allows a driver to push one stick and pull the other when turning, in the direction g-forces are pushing his body. Traditional steering wheels force the oppostie maneuver. The idea is to make this tiny sports car drive more like Honda’s road bikes, on which you can lean into the turns. There’s no way this cute little car will make it to production without a steering wheel, but we would love to try it out. Check out the photos of all the details in our gallery, and let us know what you think of the steering system and the differently colored driver’s seat.

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Via Car and Driver

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Author / Autor: Laura K. Cowan 

Date / Fecha: 01/12/11

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