Ábaton’s Converted Extremadura Stable is an Enviable Solar and Hydro-Powered Country Estate in Spain

We are having a hard time suppressing the darkest pine green envy for the people who own this amazing solar and hydro-powered country estate in the Spanish province CáceresÁbaton, the award winning design team who breathed extraordinary life into what was previously an abandoned stable, demonstrated utmost respect for the environment by incorporating existing materials into the renovation and powering the whole home with clean energy – 365 days a year. If you want to see what eco-deluxe dreams are made of, take a look at these beautiful images of the Extremadura Estate.

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The 1,056 square foot home really is the rustic home of anyone’s dreams. Situated in a cozy corner of a 5 hectare plot, it is clad in original stone and finished off with other natural materials such as wood. The retaining wall behind the home acts as a linear extension that further tucks the home into the landscape – as though it has always been there.

During the summer, energy is derived from solar panels and back up battery storage, and during the winter, hydro turbines capture energy from nearby waterways. This means that all of the home’s energy needs are met year round, despite its remote location away from municipal power supplies, using clean sources. Besides, because Ábaton goes to such great lengths to use the most energy-efficient materials and technologies, the Extremadura Estate doesn’t require a lot of energy in the first place. PS: after all this, our envy is greener than ever!

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Source / Fuente: inhabitat.com

Author / Autor: Tafline Laylin

Date / Fecha: 12/12/11

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