Haus W: Prefabricated Sunken Home Harvests Geothermal Energy in Hamburg

Sunk half a flight into the ground, Haus W takes advantage of the earth’s stable temperature to help moderate the home’s interior climate. Glass surrounds the whole top half of the ground floor, and a skylight in the central atrium floods the upstairs with natural light. Sigue leyendo

Sostenibilidad cara: ¿realidad, bulo o mito?


Ya estoy harto! Que si la sostenibilidad es muy bonita pero al final termina siendo más costosa, que no están los tiempos para aventuras, blablablá, blablablá.

Bueno, con esta columna de opinión no puedo extenderme sobre todas las ventajas del ecodiseño y que podáis, al terminar de leerla, ecodiseñar ya vuestros productos, servicios, empresa y estilo de vida. Sigue leyendo

Wales: A destination where sustainable living comes naturally

Sustainable ideas have been practiced here for centuries, with plenty of small-scale sleeping options, locally grown foods and a useful network of buses and trains.

church, cemetery overlook coastHISTORY MEETS BEAUTY: Llanbadrig Church and cemetery overlook the coast at Llanbadrig on the Isle of Anglesey. (Photo: ZUMA Press)
Known for its rugged, natural landscapes and long history, still evident in numerous well-preserved castles, Wales is an ideal destination for both nature lovers and history buffs. This nation, on the southwestern part of the island of Great Britain, boasts hills, mountains, moors, forests, and coastline that is sandy in some places and rocky and rugged in others. Conservation is important in Wales, with several national parks covering expansive sections of the land. Smaller areas, dubbed Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the United Kingdom, enjoy protected status as well. Sigue leyendo