Ford Rolls out First «100% Sustainable Interior» for Focus Electric

© R.Cruger — Recycled plastic auto air cleaner reinforced with wheat straw.

At a recent event hosted by EcoStiletto Ford Motor designer Susan Swek presented the company’s latest nature-inspired colors, including Frosted Glass. The icy shade of light green is the signature color of the 2012 Focus Electric — boasting a «100 percent sustainable interior.»

Anthony Prozzi, formerly from the fashion world, spoke of the automaker’s use of sustainable materials in its interiors, from upholstery to carpets. Sigue leyendo

Ostras Neozelandesas más Sostenibles del Mundo

Kaipara Oysters ™ son cuidadosamente seleccionadas a mano y se presentan en su concha listas para comer (Foto: Kaipara Oysters)

Kaipara Oysters™ ha combinado técnicas de acuicultura y gestión de granja y del agua sin precedentes para establecer un nuevo punto de referencia para el desarrollo sostenible de la producción acuícola.

Con una abundancia de vida marina, las aguas ricas en nutrientes del Puerto Kaipara, ubicado en la región noroeste con baja densidad de población del Norte de Nueva Zelanda, ofrece una ubicación ideal para la granja de ostras más sostenible del mundo. Sigue leyendo

10 tips for sustainable package design

With the fundamentals of sustainable packaging in mind, following are some areas to consider when implementing changes to your packaging for improved environmental impact.


For nearly a decade, the biggest buzz in packaging has been the move toward sustainability, or “green” packaging. Driven by retailer requirements, public perception, economic pressures (petroleum, in particular), and government policies, sustainability impacts every aspect of a package—from the source of its raw materials to its end of life—and as such has proven to be an incredibly complex issue. Sigue leyendo