Making the Case for a Sustainable Supply Chain: Why Now?

Anyone who’s been paying attention to global business trends has probably noticed the growing shift toward sustainability. Historically, sustainability has been defined solely by environmental and social impact as well as “green” products, with little visibility into how sustainability can enhance the supply chain.  Now companies are focusing on proactively embedding sustainability across their value chains.

A sustainable supply chain is fundamentally about minimizing “bad” inputs and outputs, while maximizing the “good” across networks of companies and geographies. Sigue leyendo

El turismo ecológico y sostenible se abre paso en España

El turismo sostenible se abre paso de forma decidida dentro de la oferta de turismo rural en España. En un contexto marcado por las dificultades y la complicada situación que afronta buena parte del sector, el proyecto Ceres Ecotur se amplía impulsado por la Fundación Ecoagroturismo, unificando poco a poco la oferta de turismo rural ecológico en España.

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Sustainability in Textiles & Clothing: Why Should We Care?

“The main goal of social sustainability is to create and maintain the well-being of a community as a whole. The integration of all members of the community into this process is a prime concern.” Sabine Anton-Katzenbach.

Sustainability is the mega-trend of our time. The range of sustainable products and services is constantly on the rise. However, the concept of sustainability cannot be viewed in isolation but demands a holistic approach: it is not a case of «either … or» but rather «both … and».

Sustainability, as we understand it today, means the use of resources to meet our needs without depleting them. Our universally accepted concept of sustainability is based on three pillars: sustainability of the environment, of society and of the economy. The objective of environmental sustainability is the preservation of nature and the environment for future generations, and the responsible stewardship of renewable resources and ecosystems. Sigue leyendo