Fan-Shaped Green Solution House is a Cradle 2 Cradle Experimental Conference Center & Hotel

The Green Solution House is an exciting new hotel and conference center slated for the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Designed by 3XN, the center’s main goal is to produce zero waste and achieve a very high level of sustainability. As such, the project is being designed according to Cradle 2 Cradle standards using materials that are either completely recyclable or biodegradable. Rooftop photovoltaics will provide all the energy needed for the facility and on-site greenhouses will grow organic produce for use in the restaurant. The Green Solution House will be also be used to test out new sustainable technologies and will be in a continual state of development.

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The experimental Green Solution House consists of a long volume of hotel rooms with a corrugated roof attached to a fan-like volume that opens up on the side. The center’s restaurant and conference rooms sit in this larger fan-shaped space and enjoy views of the scenic countryside. Everything is adapted to the circulation of nature and guests will get an idea of how it feels to live in a world without waste. The building itself is to be constructed in a way that creates zero waste and at the end of its life it can be deconstructed and recycled in accordance with the principles of Cradle 2 Cradle.

Solar panels on the roof produce all the energy needed for the facility. Rainwater is collected, biologically cleaned and then reused. Integrated greenhouses next to the main building produce organic fruits and vegetables for use within the restaurant and whatever waste is produced is either recycled or composted. 3XN also has high ambitions for the facility to be a testing grounds for new, exciting sustainable technologies. They envision the conference center to be a destination on the already popular tourist island of Bornholm. Over time they would like to recreate the Green Solution House in other travel destinations around the world.

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Author / Autor: Bridgette Meinhold

Date / Fecha: 19/01/12

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