Inkaterra Hotels named as first hotel chain to receive international sustainable tourism certification

Inkaterra, one of Peru’s leading hotel chains, was recently announced as the recipient of the CU Green Choice Sustainable Tourism Standard. Inkaterra is the first hotel chain internationally to receive this honour, which is officially accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RVA).

Jose Koechlin von Stein, CEO of Inkaterra, and Joseph Purisaca, CEO of Inkaterra Association received the award, and believe this acknowledgment is a reflection of Inkaterra’s commitment to sustainable tourism and conservation.

«We have conducted research into the conservation of ecosystems, creating jobs for local communities through the development of our business. Inkaterra has been a pioneer in sustainable tourism in Peru and the world for 36 years,» stated Jose Koechlin.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Tourism, José Luis Silva Martinot, emphasizes the importance of a Peruvian company winning this award, and believes this is due to Inkaterra’s commitment to biodiversity conservation.

«We are honoured that a Peruvian hotel chain is the first in the world to receive such an important certification,» states José Luis Silva Martinot.

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Author / Autor: Staff

Date / Fecha: 30/01/12

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