Why lawyers have a part to play in sustainable development

The way in which lawyers – and the law – can enhance sustainable business should be explored, says Thomas Bourne


The legal system plays a key role in governing sustainable business. Photograph: Chris Young/PA

When it comes to sustainable business, one attribute that marks out the leaders from the followers is the courage to push boundaries.

One fundamental facet of sustainable business innovation is the law; yet its complex and ever-changing network of narrow pathways, shortcuts and barriers often does more to stifle than it does support change. For example, Sigue leyendo

Expertos consideran que las empresas socialmente responsables pueden ser más rentables y competitivas

V Jornada Del Instituto De Innovación Social De ESADE


Empresas, ONG y expertos en innovación han concluido que integrar la sostenibilidad en el núcleo de la actividad empresarial abordando problemas sociales y medioambientales les ayuda a mejorar su reputación y el nivel de reconocimiento, lo que resulta en una mayor rentabilidad a largo plazo.

Esta es una de las conclusiones de la clausura de la V Jornada Anual del Instituto de Innovación Social de ESADE que tiene como objetivo debatir las mejores prácticas en responsabilidad social en la empresa para ser más competitivas dentro del marco europeo, según informa ESADE. Sigue leyendo

The Next Smart Sustainability Idea: A Net Positive Impact Business

The Next Smart Sustainability Idea: A Net Positive Impact Business

What if two guys got up in front of a room full of people and announced that they are developing green products, but they won’t ever call them green? What if someone told you that they are able to transition developing countries into the low-carbon green economy, by just changing how they make batteries, or that it is possible to be more profitable by using fewer resources and telling customers to consume less?

Well, those are just some examples of what I heard at the GreenBiz Forum in San Francisco last week, Sigue leyendo