Hong Kong rates sustainability of local businesses

Harbour View from Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

HONG KONG- Two Hong Kong organizations have launched a rating system to measure sustainable business practices among local small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), including manufacturers.

The groups hope the effort will improve companies’ performance in social and environmental areas and ultimately their competitiveness.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Hong Kong Productivity Council launched the index Feb. 21 with 40 local companies, and said they plan to update it annually. One of the goals is to demonstrate how implementing such “corporate social responsibility” practices can help companies do better economically in the long-run, organizers said. Sigue leyendo

Ocho Maneras en que Monsanto le Falla a la Agricultura Sostenible


La Compañía Monsanto es el jugador dominante en cultivos comerciales genéticamente modificados (GM), la mayor empresa de semillas del mundo, y –según ellos mismos- un líder e innovador en la agricultura sostenible.

Monsanto promociona agresivamente su tecnología como vital para lograr objetivos globales tales como: asegurar una adecuada producción de alimentos, responder al desafío del calentamiento global y reducir los efectos negativos de la agricultura sobre el medio ambiente. Sigue leyendo

Dow Chemical’s 2015 sustainability goals nearing reality

Bird vertical.JPG

Courtesy Dow Chemical Co.Dow’s Texas Operations in Freeport, first pilot site of the five-year collaboration with The Nature Conservancy to incorporate the business value of nature.

MIDLAND — Being a sustainable company is about more than just adopting sustainable practices.

The Midland-based Dow Chemical Co. released its fourth quarter 2015 sustainability goals update, showing it is getting ever nearer to minimizing its own footprint and coming up with solutions to world challenges. Sigue leyendo