Influential Women in Cleantech: Top 10 Women of Sustainability

In this second installment in our series on leading women in cleantech and sustainability sectors, we offer up our top picks for the sustainability sector. Quite often this category is dominated by women working in Corporate Social Responsibility, as it’s a sector where women have made great strides to gain leadership roles in the last few decades. However, for our series, we are saving those women of CSR for a later post. This let’s us focus more on those women doing unique sustainability work that might otherwise not be noticed. Stay tuned for our Women of CSR post, it’s not far behind!

1. Nikki Pava – Co-founder, Eco Tuesday & Founder of Alegria Partners Sigue leyendo

Una utopía muy verde

Las quimeras pueden ser de muchos colores. Esta, la de los estadounidenses Erica y Mateo Hogan, nació verde y sigue siéndolo… aunque ya no es una quimera.

La descabellada idea que hace un lustro tuvo esta pareja de esposos, entonces de 29 y 30 años de edad, funciona hoy como una comunidad muy particular asentada en el cantón de Osa, zona sur de Costa Rica.

Cuando sus gestores le dieron vida a este proyecto –que lleva el nombre de Finca Bellavista–, se convirtió en la primera comunidad sostenible y residencial de casas en árboles en el mundo. Sigue leyendo

Employees are a top corporate social responsibility trend for 2012

Employees want to work for a company that supports their personal values.

Employees at Kaibab National ForestPhoto: Kaibab National Forest/Flickr
Sustainable Industries has launched a new website dedicated to green business trends. The TrendWatch 2012 website features articles on the importance of transparency, the growing global middle class, how green building can boost the economic recovery and an article on the Top Ten Trends in CSR for 2012.
One of this year’s top 10 corporate social responsibility or CSR trends, as determined by CSRHub co-founder Cynthia Figge, is the employee. Although it may sound confusing at first, employees have the ability to make a positive impact on a company’s overall CSR goals. Sigue leyendo