Employees are a top corporate social responsibility trend for 2012

Employees want to work for a company that supports their personal values.

Employees at Kaibab National ForestPhoto: Kaibab National Forest/Flickr
Sustainable Industries has launched a new website dedicated to green business trends. The TrendWatch 2012 website features articles on the importance of transparency, the growing global middle class, how green building can boost the economic recovery and an article on the Top Ten Trends in CSR for 2012.
One of this year’s top 10 corporate social responsibility or CSR trends, as determined by CSRHub co-founder Cynthia Figge, is the employee. Although it may sound confusing at first, employees have the ability to make a positive impact on a company’s overall CSR goals.
According to Figge, “Increasingly, employees want to work for a company whose social performance is consistent with their values. 88% of graduate students and young professionals factor an employer’s CSR position into their job decision and 86% would consider leaving their job if their employer’s CSR performance no longer held up according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  Employees can tell if their company is not progressing or just not communicating its progress. Employee dissatisfaction with their employer’s social performance may contribute to poor productivity and high turnover.”
With a more environmentally conscious workforce graduating from college today, companies that have consistently evolving and transparent CSR initiatives may attract the top talent. I know that if I were fresh out of college armed with the skills in top demand today and I had to choose between a company with a more advanced CSR program and one that was in its early stages, I’d lean towards the company that is already examining its environmental impact.
The power of employees is just one of the 10 trends Figge expects to emerge over the course of this year. Other trends on the list include competition, supply chain management issues and a growing set of CSR professionals.
Learn more about these 10 and other sustainable business trends predicted this year by registering for the free TrendWatch 2012 Webinar, which will be held at 1 p.m. PST on Feb. 29.

Source / Fuente: www.mnn.com

Author / Autor: Melissa Hincha

Date / Fecha: 28/02/12

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