Sustainable tourism key to empowering women: Planeterra

Travelers and the tourism community can change the lives of women across the world by calling for and adopting sustainable tourism practices, says Planeterra’s Megan Epler Wood pre-International Women’s Day celebrations.

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Tourism is one of the best industries to positively impact the world’s poorest, two thirds of which are women, Ms Epler Wood told e-Travel Blackboard.

“Tourism is becoming one of the most important economic sectors in poor countries,” Ms Epler Wood said. Sigue leyendo

ICT y sector turístico satisfechos con campaña publicitaria ‘Costa Rica’s Million Dollar of Happiness’

El Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) y la Cámara Nacional de Turismo se mostraron satisfechos con los resultados de la campaña publicitaria ‘Costa Rica’s Million Dollar of Happiness’, que la primera entidad lanzó en octubre pasado para los mercados de Estados Unidos y Canadá mediante las redes sociales.

Datos aportados por el ICT revelan que la primera fase de la campaña, que recién concluyó este mes, logró que la página del país en Facebook pasara de tener 8.000 seguidores a 143.000 en menos de tres meses. El 90% de las personas reside en Norteamérica. Sigue leyendo

Organically Speaking: Your Supermarket Guide to Buying Organic

gty organic fruit whole foods ll 120302 wblog Organically Speaking: Your Supermarket Guide to Buying Organic

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Originally found only at local farmers markets and health food stores, organic foods have found a permanent spot on the shelves of most grocery stores.  Are you thinking about incorporating organic foods into your daily life, but are not sure how to or why you should?  An educated consumer is a healthy consumer so here is my Cliff’s Notes version on organic eating. Sigue leyendo