McDonald’s Suppliers Make Impressive Progress Addressing Challenges Across the Globe

«Best of Sustainable Supply» Winners Exemplify the Company’s Commitment to Bettering the Planet, Enriching Communities & Serving High-Quality Food


 McDonald’s announces today its 2012 Best of Sustainable Supply Chain winners by highlighting 51 stories of supply chain partners addressing challenges to help improve food sources, the environment, communities and employee wellness across the world. McDonald’s received more than 400 submissions from 172 different suppliers, making the 2012 selection process the most difficult yet impactful to date.

Supply chain achievements spanned diverse areas including meeting zero waste-to-landfill targets, taking the plastic out of plastic bottles, teaching orphans how to raise chickens, helping employees attain further education, and more. Collectively, they demonstrated the power of sharing responsibility by letting employees lead; sharing experience by applying global lessons locally; and sharing expertise through partnerships.

A panel of executives and external experts, including BSR, Conservation International, Food Animal Initiative (FAI) and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) selected the final 2012 Best of Sustainable Supply winners. These projects were selected based on either measurable results or innovation.

«One of our core values is taking seriously the responsibilities that come with being a leader, and using our size, scope and resources to help make the world a better place. Nowhere is that commitment more evident than in our supply chain,» said Jose Armario, executive vice president, McDonald’s Global Supply Chain, Development & Franchising. «The submissions in this year’s report demonstrate that McDonald’s supply chain is world class in its ability to provide safe, sustainable, and assured supply of food and products our customers love.»

Best of Sustainable Supply Report highlights include:

        --  Integrated Pest Management
            --  Leading competitive North American potato suppliers (ConAgra Lamb
                Weston, McCain Foods, J.R. Simplot Company) collaborated to
                identify and measure the implementation of best practices to
                reduce pesticide, fertilizer and water use.
        --  Animal Welfare Training
            --  GenOSI Inc. (an OSI Group partner in the Philippines) trained
                government animal welfare officers and meat inspectors in the
                Philippines. Judges selected this entry as an example of
                leadership that extends beyond a company's scope of responsibility
                to drive systemic change.
        --  Sustainable Wheat Farming to Reduce Carbon Footprint
            --  Fresh Start Bakeries in Europe worked with suppliers to reduce the
                carbon footprint resulting from the agricultural practices used to
                produce its main raw material: wheat. This example reflects the
                highest aspirations of McDonald's Sustainable Land Management
        --  Reducing the Use of Fossil Fuels and Supplying Energy to the Community
            --  Grupo Melo, a Central American supplier, built and optimized hydro
                power turbines that produce excess power for the surrounding
                community during the rainy season.

«The majority of any given company’s social and environmental impacts are in its supply chain. McDonald’s recognition of its suppliers is an important means to highlighting innovative solutions that drive sustainability commitments and encourage leadership within the industry,» said Sonal Pandya-Dalal, Conservation International’s Senior Advisor, Corporate Leadership Strategies, Center for Environmental Leadership in Business.

«McDonald’s Best of Sustainable Supply recognizes the importance, and thereby encourages, the development of sustainable initiatives within the supply chain,» said Roland Bonney, director of Food Animal Initiative.

McDonald’s Armario added, «Leadership throughout our supply chain is increasingly critical as we work to integrate sustainability actions across all areas of our business to help make the world a better place for everyone. We sincerely appreciate all of our suppliers’ efforts.»

The 2012 Best of Sustainable Supply winners are:

        --  Agrarfrost Gmbh & Co. KG
        --  Amadori Group
        --  Arla Foods
        --  Barco Uniforms
        --  Brasil Foods
        --  Burnbrae Farms
        --  Cargill, Inc.
        --  ConAgra Lamb Weston
        --  Darigold
        --  East Balt, Inc.
        --  Florette Agricola-Spain
        --  Fresh Start Bakeries Europe
        --  GenOSI Inc.
        --  Golden State Foods
        --  Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
        --  Griffith Colombia S.A.
        --  Grupo Melo
        --  H.J. Heinz Company
        --  HAVI Logistics Environmental Services
        --  J.R. Simplot Company
        --  JBS USA, LLC
        --  K&K Foods Ltd.
        --  Keystone Foods
        --  Kraft Foods
        --  McCain Foods Limited
        --  Moy Park (a Marfrig Food company)
        --  Mullins Food Products
        --  Northeast Foods, Inc.
        --  OSI Food Solutions
        --  PepsiCo Foods Canada
        --  Refricon Mercantil Ltda
        --  Scotsman Ice Systems
        --  Smithfield
        --  The Bama Companies
        --  The Coca-Cola Company
        --  The Marketing Store
        --  Tulip Ltd.
        --  Tyson Foods, Inc.
        --  VISTA Processed Foods

The report can be accessed at .

About McDonald’s McDonald’s is the world’s leading global foodservice retailer with more than 33,000 locations serving approximately 68 million customers in 119 countries each day. More than 80% of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women. To learn more about the company, please visit and follow us on Facebook ( ) and Twitter ( ).

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