Bhutan to advise United Nations on a new economy: happiness

Empower women, support local economy, promote a vibrant media and strengthen communities, says Himalayan kingdom.Monastic Life In Thimphu Bhutan

Novice Bhutanese monks rest after hours of prayer at the Dechen Phodrang monastery, which doubles as a child care facility for under privileged and orphaned boys. Photograph: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

We have seen the power of disruptive technologies and companies, but are we now witnessing the birth of disruptive countries?

The world’s industrial powers, like major companies, are locked into the current destructive economic system and are unwilling to make more than incremental changes to address the enormous ecological and social challenges of our age. Sigue leyendo

“Certificación de Cartagena como destino sostenible puede lograrse”: Campo Elías

José Iris Moreno Ramírez, un sexagenario vendedor de raspao en las playas de la ciudad, sin preparación académica, tiene claro que la clave para convertir a Cartagena en un destino turístico sostenible, está en no abusar de los visitantes, respetándolos y tratándolos amablemente. Sigue leyendo

Sir Stuart Rose on the changing role of business leaders

The former Marks and Spencer executive chairman and Plan A pioneer shares his thoughts on how sustainability and profit can be compatible.sir stuart rose

Sir Stuart Rose, former CEO of Marks and Spencer. Photograph: Graeme Robertson

There is something revolutionary and very new about the current time and business leaders are thinking differently about their role. We face a dilemma because although everybody is better off than they’ve ever been at any time in our history, we’ve also got the biggest gap between the rich and the poor that we’ve ever had, and we’ve potentially got a planet which is going to go bust any day. Sigue leyendo