Kyocera Announces Plan for Japan’s Largest Solar Farm

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Kyocera announced today that it will parter with two other companies to build Japan’s largest solar farm. Located on the southwestern island of Kyushu, the 70-megawatt

Kyocera announced today that it will partner with two other companies to build Japan’s largest solar farm. Sigue leyendo

Consumir ecológico protege a las abejas

El la últimas décadas las poblaciones de abejas están sufriendo un descenso dramático,  el Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA), después de consultar numerosos estudios científicos sobre la relación de pesticidas y plaguicidas y mortandad de enjambres, ha reconocido el hecho del aumento progresivo de perdidas de colonias de abejas en todo el mundo.

Consumo ecológico

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Accor Group Go Environmentally Sustainable

Accor SA (EPA:AC), a France-based hotel company, has committed itself to sustainable tourism with the launch of its new sustainability programme, Planet 21.

The new programme provides strategies to convert each of the company-owned hotels into environmentally sustainable properties. In a briefing held at its Novotel Tower Bridge hotel in London, the Accor group’s executive vice-president for sustainable development, Sophie Flak, said, ‘Energy is the second layer of costs after employees. It’s a huge cost, EUR350 million per year, and we need to focus on reducing consumption of energy because costs won’t go down, particularly with taxes going up in countries such as the UK.’ Sigue leyendo