Sorry, FOX News – Wind Farms Are Not Causing Global Warming

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The web is buzzing today over a new research study that looks at the effect that large Texas wind farms have on surface temperatures in their immediate surroundings. “New Research Shows Wind Farms Cause Global Warming,” says one FOX headline; “Wind Sigue leyendo

Stunning ZecOO Electric Motorcycle Unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Motorcycle Show

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The styling of most electric bikes doesn’t stray too far from a standard human-powered motorcycle, but the ZecOO custom e-bike you see here brings some much needed pizazz to the plate. Designed by Kota Nezu of Znug Design, the adventurous low-riding ZecOO was was recently unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Sigue leyendo

Can McDonald’s lead in green?

Can McDonald's lead in green?

McDonald’s Corp. is finally sowing deeper green roots.

The Oak Brook, Ill-based company over the last several years has launched a wide variety of environmental policies and programs; everything from reusing air conditioning condensation to water company plants to repurposing McDonald’s advertising banners into tote bags.

McDonald’s now has key partnerships with environmental organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and the Environmental Defense Fund and last month it launched a pilot Sigue leyendo

ECONOMÍA | Misión comercial Euskadi y Nueva Delhi organizarán un foro sobre desarrollo urbano sostenible

López entrega material al Centro Cervantes de Nueva Delhi. | Irekia

Euskadi y la India organizarán un seminario destinado a buscar «espacios de colaboración» entre las empresas indias y vascas relacionadas con el desarrollo urbano sostenible, un sector en el que el país asiático ofreceuna oportunidad de negocio de más de 26.400 millones de euros. Sigue leyendo

EPA to Rule on Whether Greenhouse Gas Emitting Palm Oils Can be Used as Biofuel

palm oil, deforestation indonesia, peat lands, peat drainage, farming environmentPalm Oil photo from Shutterstock

There’s been a great deal of buzz lately about palm oil — the edible oil largely sourced in Indonesia and Malaysia from the fruit of the oil palm, which can also be used to make biofuels. The Environmental Protection Agency recently refused to designate it as a biofuel, Sigue leyendo