Nike innovates its way to zero toxic discharges

Nike innovates its way to zero toxic discharges

Nike (NYSE: NKE) has a very successful, world-wide, hard-won and decades-old reputation for its athletic shoes, apparel and equipment. As a brand, Nike is often associated with top sports stars, its ubiquitous “swoosh” logo and the infectious “Just Do It” slogan.

So it isn’t too great a surprise that the Oregon-based retail giant is continuing the tradition of “going big or going home” when it comes to going green, including such bold goals as the elimination of hazardous discharges throughout its supply Sigue leyendo

Groenlandia se derrite, pero no tanto como los peores pronósticos decían

Hielo desprendido del glaciar Jakobshavn Isbrae. | Ian Joughin/University of Washington
Hielo desprendido del glaciar Jakobshavn Isbrae.

Los cambios en la velocidad en la que el hielo se traslada, en más de 200 glaciares, indica que la contribución de Groenlandia al aumento del nivel del mar en el siglo XXI podría ser significativamente inferior a los límites superiores que algunos científicos creían posible, según un nuevo estudio. Sigue leyendo

HOW TO: Switch Your Bulbs to LEDs To Get Ready for the Incandescent Bulb Phase-Out

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By now, most of you have probably heard about the incandescent light bulb phase-out starting this year (likely as a result of the ridiculous partisan political bickering about the Sigue leyendo