Corporate sustainability activism is picking up pace in the US

a wind farm in california

Businesses are working to revive the production tax credit, a provision that has catalysed hundreds of wind projects, after the US government failed to renew it.

Earlier this year, 15 major companies, including powerhouse brands Starbucks, Levi Strauss, Nike and Staples, wrote to US Congressional leaders to support American wind Sigue leyendo

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa: Hoteles Responsables y Transparentes

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa: Hoteles ResponsablesResponsible Hotels y Valoretica unen fuerzas para encontrar un posicionamiento preferente a hoteles que destacan por su Responsabilidad Social Corporativa. Desde hace un mes, se ha estado trabajando entre Responsible Hotels y Valoretica, empresas innovadoras en el sector turístico y de recursos humanos respectivamente, para poner en común dos formas complementarias de gestionar empresas turísticas responsablemente. Sigue leyendo

Abandoned Food Factory to be Transformed into Chicago’s First Zero-Energy Vertical Farm!

It may not look like much on the outside, but over the next few years a former food factory in Chicago is going to be turned into a lean, mean, food growing machine. Located in an industrial area in southeast Chicago, The Plant was once the home of Peer Foods – but it’s Sigue leyendo