How Intel builds sustainability into the bottom line

How Intel builds sustainability into the bottom line

Many would agree that Intel has a world-classcorporate social responsibility (CSR) program. But like every other company, this sustainability leader often struggles with measuring and monetizing its CSR program to bolster the business case. Sigue leyendo

Expertos vinculan la comunicación externa de las empresas con «su honestidad y coherencia interna»

honestidad coherenciaExpertos en Marketing y Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE) han señalado que «antes de comunicar externamente es necesario ser transparente, honesto y coherente dentro de la propia empresa» como una de las principales conclusiones del primer ‘Foro de Expertos en Marketing y RSE’ organizado por la consultora de comunicación y marketing especializada en responsabilidad social empresarial, 21gramos. Sigue leyendo

How a White or Green Roof Can Keep Your Building Up to 84% Cooler This Summer

green roof, rooftop garden, living roof, stormwater runoff, urban heat island effect, New York City, insulation, carbon emissions, air pollution, white roofs, New York Times, Columbia University, City University of New York

The benefits of white and green roofs are nothing new to us, but a recent study by two top NYC universities has shed light on just how effective these non-traditional roofs can be at lowering building temperatures. Non-reflective dark roofs are known to exacerbate the Sigue leyendo