Coke, Ford join forces to juice supply of plant-based plastic

Coke, Ford join forces to juice supply of plant-based plastic

Three words explain why the 100 percent bioplastic bottle isn’t ubiquitous yet: Supply, supply, supply.

Coca-ColaPepsi and several other Fortune 500 companies are working to address that. The beverage makers earlier this month announced they’re teaming up with Nike, Ford, Procter & Gamble and Heinz to accelerate the development of 100-percent plant-based PET via a new initiative called the PET Plant Technology Collaborative. Sigue leyendo

La Responsabilidad Social, Ética y Gerencia

La Responsabilidad Social, Ética y Gerencia La ética y la Responsabilidad Social unidas a los principios de la calidad y la excelencia son los pilares fundamentales para lograr un desarrollo sostenible en corporaciones o empresas que buscan incorporar a su política de desarrollo su entorno empresarial. De acuerdo a la International Standard Organization (ISO), se propone una nueva guía para la conformación de una empresa con responsabilidad Social conocida como ISO: 26000:2010.

La ISO 2600:2010 

«ISO 26000:2010 tiene la intención de ayudar a las organizaciones para contribuir al desarrollo sostenible. Su objetivo es animarles a ir más allá del cumplimiento legal, Sigue leyendo

Why efficiency is smarter than renewables

Why efficiency is smarter than renewables

“Real estate is the largest source of clean energy in this country, and it’s very inexpensively tapped.”

So said Tony Malkin, the president of Malkin Holdings, owner of the Empire State Building.

Malkin spoke this week at the annual Energy Efficiency Forum in Washington, D.C., and he’s got a point, albeit a controversial one.

If we — or, more to the point, the people who represent us in Washington — have $1 to spend,better that it be spent on energy efficiency than on clean energy. That’s not way things work now. Today, wind and solar power get generous tax breaks and subsidies. Energy efficiency investments do not. The government  has it exactly backward. Sigue leyendo