A peek inside Google’s healthy materials program

A peek inside Google's healthy materials program

Since November 2010, Google’s facilities teams have been methodically adhering to stringent building product selection criteria for all of the company’s North American projects. To date, these have all been tenant fit-outs, but Google is moving into its first whole-building new construction project under the program and expanding it to other offices internationally in July 2012, beginning with pilot tenant improvement projects in Dublin, São Paulo, and Bangalore. Google had about 32,500 employees at the end of 2011, according to its financial report. Sigue leyendo

Turismo sostenible, una alternativa responsable

ALTERNATIVA. La naturaleza es parte fundamental de este tipo de actividades.
“Una actividad que va a la par con el cuidado ambiental y la responsabilidad social es el turismo sostenible”, comenta Geovanny Cuero, guía turístico. Este concepto contempla el respeto al medioambiente, lo cultural y lo social para poder intercambiar experiencias entre las comunidades y sus visitantes.

“En la actualidad ha tomado fuerza lo que gira entorno al desarrollo sostenible, que busca satisfacer las necesidades de las generaciones del presente sin comprometer las del futuro”, agrega el especialista. Sigue leyendo

Apple and Foxconn: Sustainable Labor is a Must

Apple and Foxconn: Sustainable Labor is a Must

I’m taking a detour from my typical commentary on green buildings and building energy efficiency to weigh in on the controversy concerning labor conditions at Chinese factories contracted to assemble Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

First, let me admit that I’m an enthusiastic iPhone user and have been known to text my husband from one part of the house to another. My newest alarm clock includes an iPhone docking Sigue leyendo