Can sustainability help JPMorgan Chase bounce back?

Can sustainability help JPMorgan Chase bounce back?

Even as JPMorgan Chase has incurred billions in losses from botched trading, acknowledged by its CEO Jamie Dimon as an “egregious mistake,” the stalwart bank has been enthusiastically supporting a new environmental strategy that spans all of its businesses.

In a particularly creative move, the bank recently announced it is financing an initiative in New York City to help building owners cover upfront costs of converting old boilers to natural gas. It is also encouraging home owners to make their homes more energy efficient through improvements that may be eligible for tax benefits. Sigue leyendo


El término  de sostenibilidad se ha estado usando cada vez como factor “marketinero” diferenciador a la hora de comercializar las diferentes propuestas en cualquier tipo de ámbito. La estrategia de diferenciación suele tener su contracara. Si todo el mundo se diferencia con lo mismo, el valor estratégico de la propuesta se pierde instantáneamente. Sigue leyendo

Siemens, Air France-KLM, BMW lead Dow Sustainability Index

Siemens, Air France-KLM, BMW lead Dow Sustainability Index

BMW, Air France and Siemens were named as some of the world’s leaders in sustainability by one of the longest-running sustainability indicators, which released its latest listings today.

The 2012 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) review was announced by SAM, the Swiss-based investment company that focuses on sustainability investing. SAM partners with Dow Jones Indexes in the development and publication of the DJSI, which tracks the financial performance of some top international companies. Sigue leyendo