Two Homes Tucked in the Ground are Topped With Sweeping Arched Roofs in Paraguay

Two homes tucked into a sloping plot in Paraguay are topped with sweeping arched roofs that match the lay of the land. Located in Luque, the site-specific design by BAUEN Architects is beautifully integrated within a verdant green landscape, while a host of natural finishings both inside and out add a luxurious but still sustainable final touch.

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BAUEN was very concerned to ensure that this eco-luxe home in Paraguay would have a relatively small environmental footprint, so they tucked the majority of it underground. Tall double-height windows allow natural light to penetrate deep into what would otherwise be like a hobbit cave, yet the earth will insulate the home to ensure optimum temperatures year-round.

Natural materials such as stone and wood harmonize with the rolling green hills and also give the house a rustic touch without sacrificing any creature comforts. The interior is relatively minimalist, and the two houses have a total footprint of 600 square meters. Although the bright blue pool and its sharp angles contrasts with the project’s otherwise soft curvilinear lines, we like the impact, and the home overall.

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