Boxpark to Open 2nd Shipping Container Pop-Up Mall in NDSM Shipyards in Amsterdam

Boxpark has plans in the works to open up a 2nd pop-up shipping container mall, this time in Amsterdam’s underutilized shipyards. Boxpark NDSM will be located inside the immense Lasloods building, which was used to do finish work and final welding on ships back in the day. The temporary shipping container mall is expected to open in the summer of 2013 with 120 spaces for retail, restaurants and bars. Sigue leyendo

Hoteles ecológicos y lujosos del mundo

Hoteles ecológicosEL ir de vacaciones normalmente es un proceso muy dañino para el medio ambiente, la huella ecologica que se deja tras un viaje es enorme, si contamos el transporte (trenes, aviones, autos o barcos), los costos al planeta que representan tener alimentos fuera de temporada en la habitación del hotel, los gastos en energia para refrigerar o calentar espacios y agua, en fin, el daño al planeta es muy grande. Sigue leyendo

Can Facebook activate a billion consumers to be green?

Can Facebook activate a billion consumers to be green?

What if you had the opportunity to engage a billion people around sustainability? What issues would you choose? What messages would you impart? How would you leverage the opportunity to affect behavior change at scale?

Carefully, no doubt. Pushing folks too hard or in the wrong direction or with a less-than-compelling message might squander the opportunity, maybe even turn people off. But inform and inspire such a sizeable audience to act and — well, anything’s possible. Sigue leyendo