World’s Most Sustainable Gas Station by Knevel Architecture Rises in The Netherlands

Some of our readers might question whether it’s even possible to have a sustainable gas station, and we’d like to assure them we had similar thoughts. But if there ever was going to be a sustainable station, this new one designed for Avia Marees by Knevel Architecture comes pretty darn close. Located in an industrial area of Den Oever in the Netherlands, the 4,290 square meter project boasts some prefabricated timber units that slashed the project’s footprint, in addition to a host of other exciting green features.
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Benjamin Robichon was the lead architect for the Avia Marees gas station located near the ‘Afsluitdijk’ and Den Oever’s A7 motorway exit. The tank island, which is comprised of tanks that dispense both conventional and biofuels, office and car wash are all enclosed by a folded envelope. The cladding on the sides is layered, featuring timber slats covering red panels, ensuring a bold but understated blending of the built and natural environment.

The structural engineers on the project, ABT, contributed to its status as a “sustainable gas station” with a building supported by a series of cross laminated timber panels, ribbed floor slabs and prefabricated timber roof elements. Insulation is comprised of a natural flax product which, when combined with the remaining materials, culminates in a climate-neutral design. Construction of what we hope will be the first in a succession of sustainable gas stations was completed in 2012.

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