Nation targets sustainable tourism

VietNamNet Bridge – Tourism can have a devastating impact on fragile environments and local communities if unplanned or not properly managed, heard a conference on responsible tourism held in the capital city yesterday.

Tourists visit fruit gardens in southern Can Tho City’s My Khanh Tourist Village.

Discussions on challenges to achieving a sustainable tourism sector in Viet Nam drew the participation of a wide range of experts. Sigue leyendo

Empresas y asociaciones turísticas de México se comprometen a respetar el Código Etico Mundial de la OMT

Empresas y asociaciones turísticas de MéxicoCatorce de las principales empresas y asociaciones turísticas de México han firmado compromisos con el Código Etico Mundial para el Turismo de la Organización Mundial del Turismo (OMT) para promover y aplicar los valores del turismo responsable y sostenible.

La firma, celebrada con ocasión de la 94ª reunión del Consejo Ejecutivo de la OMT, contó con la presencia del secretario general de la OMT, Taleb Rifai, la secretaria de Turismo de México, Gloria Guevara, y los miembros del Consejo Ejecutivo de la OMT. Sigue leyendo

The High Line Effect: Top 10 Urban Transformation Projects

 Given the environmental straits we find ourselves in at present, architects and policy makers have to rethink our strategy of how to shape the city, buildings, and urban space alike. This entails that we refrain from the tabula rasa strategies of the past and make do with the standing infrastructure that we already have. Preserving and rehabilitating the aging steel relics of our global cities has proven an ingenious way of saving energy, while enabling newer methods of architectural planning. Projects such as the High Line have kickstarted a new age of urban regeneration—for good or ill—with initiatives from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia attempting to replicate its success on their own turf. Sigue leyendo