Sustainable tourism

The year is ending and for many people it’s time to plan their vacation and holidays! What do you keep in mind when choosing the destination? How is your behavior during the trip?

Tourism is a big economic sector that generates jobs and exchanges between different cultures and lifestyles. Regardless of the place visited, it is important that common sense and responsibility go together.

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Visita a la comunidad de Medio Queso, San Carlos

Nicole Maduro BarahonaEstudiante del Bachillerato de Gestión del desarrollo sostenible con equidad de género, Universidad Nacional. 
El pasado sábado 29 de setiembre, tuvimos la oportunidad y grata experiencia de visitar una pequeña comunidad que se encuentra a solo quince kilómetros del país vecino, Nicaragua.Al llegar ahí noté que no era una visita cualquiera, era algo especial y diferente con personas reales y situaciones sumamente difíciles. Sigue leyendo

Sustainable Tourism, A Balancing Act

On a bright summer afternoon at this beach here in Phuket, Pinporn Teerarak, a 30-year-old female tour planner with tanned skin and sun-coloured hair, looks pensively out to sea.

In her five years in the tourism business in Phuket, she has witnessed an ever-growing number of tourists continuing to flock here to one of Thailand’s most famous tourist spots. But the irony behind this success is not lost on her: while she has been earning more money from tourism, it has been putting pressure on the environment in Phuket, southern Thailand. Sigue leyendo