Sustainable tourism

The year is ending and for many people it’s time to plan their vacation and holidays! What do you keep in mind when choosing the destination? How is your behavior during the trip?

Tourism is a big economic sector that generates jobs and exchanges between different cultures and lifestyles. Regardless of the place visited, it is important that common sense and responsibility go together.

When we talk about sustainable trip, it doesn’t means just eco-tourism with a lot of trails. It’s more than that. It’s a journey that values local culture and nature. That way, you can enjoy with awareness the best scenery, local peculiarities and natural beauties.

So why not make your next holiday a sustainable trip?

Check out some tips on how to act:

Find out about the place
– Analyze customs, food, sightseeing, accommodations and prices. Give preference to agencies that have environmental programs.

Appreciate local productions – If you like to buy souvenirs, nothing better than local crafts. Avoid buying souvenirs that are removed from nature, such as corals, rocks and pieces of a historic building.

Take care of your trash – Whenever you make a trail or urban walks, take your waste with you.

Check out the local cuisine
– Knowing the food is also a way to enhance the region visited, as consumption of local products is less harmful to the environment and moves the local economy.

Sustainable mobility – If the city that you are visiting offers bike routes and walking sightseeing tours, enjoy it.  You will exercise, avoid gas emissions into the atmosphere and you´ll probably get to know lots of new places.

Think about it!

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Author / Autor: GreenNation

Date / Fecha: 11/11/12

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