Ramsar and UNWTO Publication: «Destination Wetlands: Supporting Sustainable Tourism»

At Ramsar’s COP11 in Bucharest,  Ramsar’s Secretary General, Anada Tiéga, the Secretary General of UNWTO, Taleb Rifai, and the Romanian Secretary of State for Regional Development and Tourism launched the publication «Destination Wetlands: Supporting Sustainable Tourism» on 9 July. This publication contains references to existing guidelines on sustainable tourism as well as many other useful materials on developing and managing sustainable tourism.  It is relevant to wetland site managers, tourism and wetland policy-makers and planners, and the private sector (including those investing in, operating or developing tourism in wetlands).

There is a clear need to manage wetland tourism wisely through sound policies, planning, and awareness-raising – in other words, by putting the principles of sustainable tourism into action.  This publication highlights the considerable value of wetlands for tourism and the economic benefits that tourism can bring for the management of wetland sites.  Through case studies and other materials, this publication demonstrates the contributions that sustainable tourism practices in and around wetlands can make to conservation, poverty alleviation (through improvement of local livelihoods), regional and national economies, and support to local cultures. It also highlights the associated risks and impacts when tourism is not well managed and is not sustainable.

For this publication, 14 case studies on tourism in wetlands, 13 of which are Ramsar Sites, have been selected to cover different wetland types around the world and to examine the diversity in the scale of tourism, the management processes in place, the many challenges encountered and, wherever possible, the management solutions employed. The full texts of the case studies include considerable detail on the scale of tourism and how it is being managed.  They can be viewed here.

Source / Fuente: ramsar.org

Author / Autor:  ramsar.org

Date / Fecha: 12/11/12

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