Italy’s Vertikale Climbing Gym is Clad in an Intelligent Facade That Eliminates the Need for Cooling

The cubic Vertikale Climbing Gym in Brixen, Italy is more than just a place to get a great workout. Located within view of the Dolomites in northern Italy, this high-tech gym features an intelligent facade that eliminates the need for mechanical cooling. Designed by Wolfgang Meraner Architekt and architect Martin Mutschlechner of StadtLABOR, Vertikale has a semi-transparent energy-efficient facade that offers views of the mountains and town during the day. At night the gym lights glow and passersby can check out the climbers in action.

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Vertikale Climbing Gym is located in a prominent location adjacent to Brixen’s town square and a municipal park. The almost cubic building measures 20 m long, 16 m wide, and 15.7 m high and it’s clad in a high-tech facade. Wolfgang Meraner Architekt and Martin Mutschlechner of StadtLABOR designed the building with aid from Transsolar. The semi-transparent design provides a great visual connection with the outdoors and the urban space.

This multi-layered facade works to provide natural daylighting during the day while minimizing solar heat gain and keeping the interior cool. The building also features an energy-efficient climate control system that makes use of natural ventilation, high thermal mass and a geothermal system that eliminates the need for mechanical cooling. At night, people on the outside can get a clear view of the action inside and will hopefully be inspired to check out the gym.

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