Compact Shipping Container House Challenges Space Requirements in Colorado

How big of a home do you really need? That seems to be a question many architects are trying to answer, and Boulder-based firm Studio H:T‘s response was this space-efficient and rather cute shipping container house. Located in the mountains outside of Nederland, Colorado, this 1,517 sq ft home has three bedrooms, an office, plus an ample living and dining area. Two shipping containers are used as saddlebags for a wedge-shaped, double-height space in the middle. In addition, the home is off grid and makes use of solar orientation, passive cooling, a pellet stove for heating, and photovoltaics to create electricity. Sigue leyendo

¿Por qué el turismo debe ser sostenible? 1º Parte.

Ecoturismo en el Parque Nacional Pre-Delta. Pcia. de Entre Ríos.
Fotografía: Silvina Miguenz.
El anterior artículo publicado analizaba el concepto de turismo sostenible así como también cuáles son sus principios fundamentales, considerando como ejes los tres pilares propuestos en el diagrama de la sostenibilidad. Sigue leyendo

Investing in sustainable tourism will stimulate green economy and job creation

Investing in sustainable tourism will stimulate green economy and job creationIncreased investment in sustainable tourism can boost the sector’s contribution to economic growth, development, and particularly job creation, while at the same time addressing major environmental challenges, according to the just released United Nations Green Economy Report.

Produced in partnership with the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the tourism chapter of the United Nations Environment Program-led (UNEP) Green Economy Report demonstrates how investing in environmentally-friendly tourism can drive economic growth, lead to poverty reduction and job creation, while improving resource efficiency and minimizing environmental degradation. Sigue leyendo