Compact Shipping Container House Challenges Space Requirements in Colorado

How big of a home do you really need? That seems to be a question many architects are trying to answer, and Boulder-based firm Studio H:T‘s response was this space-efficient and rather cute shipping container house. Located in the mountains outside of Nederland, Colorado, this 1,517 sq ft home has three bedrooms, an office, plus an ample living and dining area. Two shipping containers are used as saddlebags for a wedge-shaped, double-height space in the middle. In addition, the home is off grid and makes use of solar orientation, passive cooling, a pellet stove for heating, and photovoltaics to create electricity.

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The Shipping Container House questions the need for space in our day to day lives and challenges us to be more efficient. Coming in at only 1,517 sq ft, this compact home packs in a lot of functionality. The containers act as book ends to the main wedge living space. One container houses two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, while the other container holds the kitchen, utility/laundry room, and an office. A large open dining and living room opens on to a deck with views of the mountains. Stairs in the back lead up to the second story where the master bedroom is along with a private deck.

Rooms are certainly not large, but they are efficient and well designed. Large garage style doors open the house up to the outdoors and expand the living space. The home relies on solar orientation and passive cooling to minimize energy use. Additional heating is provided via a pellet stove and electricity is generated from a solar pv system on the roof. The home is situated on a steel post foundation and cantilevered out over the sloping hillside and makes only a dent on the site, while green roofs above the containers help insulate and soak up rainwater and snowmelt.


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