Sustainable Tourism: How to Mitigate the Effects of Tourist Populations in Resort Communities

Mammoth MountainSustainable tourism may seem like an oxymoron. Historically, tourism has resulted in environmental and cultural degradation across the globe. While a diversified economy remains optimal, many places depend heavily on tourism. Locations with delicate natural environments such as the rain forests of Brazil, the coral reefs of Australia, and the plains of Africa often suffer great environmental degradation at the cost of tourist dollars. The same is also true for small resort villages in the United States. Sigue leyendo

La ONU ve el ecoturismo como «elemento clave» para erradicar la pobreza

Pareja Ecoturismo

  La Asamblea General de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU) ha adoptado una resolución histórica que reconoce en el ecoturismo un elemento clave para la lucha contra la pobreza, la protección del medio ambiente y la promoción del desarrollo sostenible. Sigue leyendo

EXCLUSIVE New Photos: Plus-Energy Masdar City in Abu Dhabi

Once billed as the world’s first zero carbon, zero waste city in the desert environs of Abu Dhabi, Masdar hasn’t quite lived up to its original ambitions. But it has come fairly close. Initially launched in 2006, the government-backed project has gone through several phases. Two years ago we visited the first Masdar Institute buildings with their iconic terra-cotta facades and rooftop photovoltaic panels. Now new buildings are sprouting, including Siemens’ regional headquarters expected to achieved LEED Platinum and three pearls from the Estidama rating system. Flip through our gallery for an exclusive peak at the first images of the expanded Masdar Institute and a futuristic new hub designed to host 100 clean tech companies from around the globe. Sigue leyendo