Haus am Steinberg is a Charming Wedge-Shaped Addition to a Historic Wine Cellar in Austria

HoG Architektur has completed an addition to a historic wine cellar in Oberberg, Austria. Originally used as part of an agricultural operation, Haus am Steinberg has been transformed into a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. In keeping with local planning regulations, the design team doubled the floor space with a new wedge-shaped addition that is linked to the original cellar via a glass cube.
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In order to prevent it from interfering too much with the original design, the gabled addition meets the roof lines of the original cellar while still maintaining something of its own identity. The interior is marked by an open floor plan, loft space and bold staircases, while daylight reaches the interior via a series of cutouts in the facade and floor to ceiling glass windows.

These windows also frame views of the surrounding landscape. The new structure, which was designed in the local Paarhof style, is a self-contained unit located to the west of the wine cellar. This kind of separation of farm and residential buildings is typical in the region, which demonstrates the great care taken to ensure a respectful renovation that pays credence to its historic legacy.

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