Cantilevering Bioclimatic House Breathes Through its Roof in Greece

A great number of designers are turning to recycled shipping containers and other metal materials because of their lower cost, ease of construction and industrial-chic aesthetic. But in an area like Greece, where the temperatures soar in the summer time, we’ve often wondered how these buildings stay cool without using up a pile of electricity to run the air-conditioner. Responding to just this problem, Gem Architects gave the cantilevering Bioclimatic House an opening in the roof that allows it to breathe. Hit the jump for more details.

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Located in Paiania just outside of Athens, an area that shifts from industrial to residential, this striking new home consists of stacked metal containers clad in light panels. Well-insulated to prevent thermal loss, earthquake-proof, and volumetrically flexible, the cantilevering home has an opening in the roof that evacuates hot air when the outdoor temperatures are high. Wooden louvers on the windows upstairs provide additional control over natural cooling.

A south-facing home that opens up to a garden, the Bioclimatic House relies on alternative heating systems in winter, increasing its remarkable energy efficiency. The cantilevers create shadows so it’s comfortable outside as well, while the pergola and entrance canopy create a succinct connection to the outdoors. Inside the furnishings are sparse, masculine and minimalist, though the fireplace and floating metal staircase definitely steal the show.

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