Maja’s House: A Teeny Weeny Replica of Herzog & de Meuron’s Rudin House Rises in Poland

When Ultra Architects completed a home in Poland, the client asked them to use the leftover wooden elevation boards to build a small treehouse for their daughter Maja. Although none of the trees on the site were appropriate for such a construction, there was an elevated spot on the plot perfect for a little girl’s secret hideaway. And it looks just like Herzog & de Meuron’s charming Rudin House.

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Maja helped to design the six square meter tiny house. Though the architects implored her to consider a flat-topped house, she insisted on the archetypal gabled home with a chimney. She even made a small lego model of what she wanted. So, that is what she got, with a little something special added on.

Ultra Architects deliberately modeled the mini house after the Herzog & de Meuron project, although the materials used are different as is the scale of course. It opens on both sides to ensure optimum ventilation and a little chimney included per Maja’s specifications provides additional natural air circulation. A short pathway leading to the “treehouse” and a slide are a nice touch.

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 Date / Fecha: 05/02/13

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