Domestic and eco-tourism: A win-win formula for sustainable tourism industry

photoTHE FIVE East Africa Community partner states of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi have so much in common that unification of the region makes a lot of sense.  With the prospects of continued tourism growth in East Africa, the region is now marketed as a single tourist target. Hospitality and tourism industry is a leading employer and   fastest developing segment worldwide.
This is perfect timing for tourism stakeholders to take a microscopic examination of how best the community can benefit from this major sector profitably and sustainably. In the past, tourism often did more damage to the ecosystem than good.  As the industry diversifies, the region must promote domestic tourism and adopt practical approaches of ecotourism.  Fortunately, without exception, all member states are demonstrably committed to making both domestic and ecotourism the nucleus of future initiatives.  Leaders and legislators in the industry are poised to protect Africa’s threatened ecosystems, endangered species and the precious diversity of its wilderness and culture. Sigue leyendo

Cómo hacer que tu empresa turística sea sostenible. Ejemplos y casos reales..


En el último artículo hablamos sobre algunas realidades en el turismo sostenible y vimos algunas cifras reales en cuanto a su demanda actual y futura. En el artículo de hoy veremos ejemplos y casos reales de como hacer que tu empresa de turismo sea sostenible. Sigue leyendo