Stunning West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre Pops Up in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year

People celebrated Chinese New Year around the world this past weekend – but Hong Kong’s West Kowloon district really pulled out the stops by unveiling a massive pop-up theatre made almost entirely from bambooThe West Kowloon Theatre is the brainchild of CL3 architect William Lim, who took his inspiration from traditional theatres of the 1950s. The theatre will play host to a series of star-studded Cantonese opera shows throughout the month.

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The pop-up bamboo West Kowloon Theatre will feature a series of events including Cantonese opera performances by young talents, Chinese dance by the Hong Kong Dance Company and contemporary music concerts. To give the structure a traditional feel, Lim stretched orange nylon sheets over the tiered roof to imitate the ancient palaces of Beijing’s Forbidden City. The theatre also has colorful fabric signs mounted on bamboo scaffolding which face out onto the street. The bamboo building is decorated with red and gold lanterns and flags – colors which are considered lucky in Hong Kong and China.

Over the next three weeks, the West Kowloon Bamboo Theatre will occupy the site earmarked for the new Xiqu Chinese Opera Centre, which is currently being designed by Vancouver firm Bing Thom Architects and Hong Kong studio Ronald Lu & Partners Company Ltd and is due for completion in 2017.

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 Date / Fecha: 11/02/13

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