Honeycomb Clay Walls and a Green Roof Insulate Hybrid Home and Atelier in Spain

Energy efficiency is the mandate for both existing and new builds throughout the globe, and it is very exciting to watch how different designers approach the challenge. Spanish practice F451 Arquitectura carved this gorgeous hybrid home and studio in Gijón into a hill and topped it off with a white corrugated metal roof. Comprised of four sections, including the main house, a guest house, garage and an atelier or studio, the home boasts honeycomb clay block walls and a green roof that together prevent thermal loss.

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“The energetic efficiency of the proposal and its landscape integration are two major considerations for the constructive solution of the project,” F451 Arquitectura told Dezeen. Therefore, merging the double story home and studio, which exist on two different levels, was accomplished in such a way as to ensure that every space enjoys double orientation and maximum daylighting and natural ventilation.

Clerestory windows cut out of the irregular-shaped roof not only create an aura of intrigue, but also help to ensure that the entire home is well lit; the green roof above the guest room has a dual purpose as well – to provide yet more insulation and to establish continuity with the garden. The interior is comprised of an open floor plan and framed views of the verdant outdoors.

Source / Fuente: Inhabitad.com

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 Date / Fecha: 14/02/13

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