Green-Roofed Chipicas Townhouses Blend Into the Environment With Wood-Wrapped Facades

These Chipicas Town Houses are a series of four beautiful residences in Mexico topped with lush green roof gardens. Alejandro Sanchez Garcia designed the buildings with vertical layouts in order to limit their footprint and preserve the surrounding vegetation. The three-story buildings incorporate contrasting facades – two have floor-to-ceiling windows and two are concealed behind timber lattice. Sigue leyendo

Barcelona apuesta por el turismo sostenible

Barcelona apuesta por el turismo sostenible

El pasado mes de diciembre, Barcelona expresó su compromiso con el turismo sostenible con la firma, por parte del alcalde Jordi Hereu, de la Carta de Turismo Responsable de la Unesco, una iniciativa promovida por el Instituto de Turismo Responsable (ITR), entidad asociada a la Unesco y la Organización Mundial del Turismo (OMT) y miembro del GSTC. Sigue leyendo

81% of tour operators and 75% of travellers say yes to more sustainable travel

Photo: Gunther Hagleitner via FlickrThree-quarters of travellers will be considering the ethical or environmental impact of their holidays this year, while four out of five tour operators expect to see an influx of sustainable travel bookings in the coming 12 months.

The encouraging figures, from two separate surveys conducted by Blue & Green Tomorrow for The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2013, suggest the majority of people are not only aware of the impact their holidays have on communities and the planet, but are acting to nullify it.

The first poll, which ran on B&GT’s homepage between January 4 and February 12, showed that nearly half of respondents (47%) would be considering sustainability issues when planning their 2013 holidays. A further 28% said they would be partially considering these. Sigue leyendo